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Dinghy Hire - Terms and Conditions

Dinghy hire is available to all Members of Dabchicks Sailing Club, under 18's with consent of a Parent/Guardian and under supervision of a Parent/Guardian or Coach. 
The club has the following boats available:

2 x RS Feva (Helm + 1 crew)
1 x Optimist (Helm Only)
4 x Picos (Helm / Helm + Crew)
1 x Topper (Helm Only)
1 x Sport 14 (Helm + 1 or 2 crew)
1 x Wayfarer (Helm + 1 or 2 crew)

The cost £6 per person for an evening hire from 6pm £12 per person for a full days hire ending at 6pm. For example, if one person hires a Pico for an evening the fee will be £6 and if two people hire a Pico for an evening the total fee will be £12, but if three people hire the Wayfarer for a day the fee will be £36. 
The boats are insured but the member hiring the boat is responsible for any damage up to £250 for any one incident and for any damage not covered by insurance. 
The dinghies are stored either in the club dinghy park or on the concrete apron beside the clubhouse. Boats must be returned to their spaces after use and the sails and foils returned to their secure storage place. 
Bookings may be made up to 24 hours in advance although bookings for open regattas (i.e. Mersea Week, Cadet Week etc.) should be booked at least two months in advance. No more than three dates may be booked in advance. 
Any breakage or fault must be reported, as soon as practicably possible, to the Bosun, Tony Hawkes. 
Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when on the water. 
A mast float MUST be attached to the top of the RS Feva mast whilst the boat is in use.