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White Sail Series 2014 NHC

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WMYC & DSC Joint Cruiser Racing 2014

Mersea White Sail Series 2014 NHC

Entries: 20      Races Sailed: 2

Series PlaceSail NoBoatType of BoatOwnerSafetyHandicapSeries PointsRace 1Race 2
15991RaggertyFirst 290A JonesYes0.934312
23130RendezvousHanse 33M.J.BerryYes0.872743
34292Starfall 2Sigma 33P.J.CliftonYes1.036734
41044WaterlilyHanse 370J & P FrenchYes1.043927
57135VrenyStellaG DunnYes0.7931055
67401HanneloreBavaria 34D CurtisNo0.92522211
71849Symbol of LleynNorthney 34P PangbourneYes0.88027216
8535StarlightSadler 34I BrownYes0.81727621
975Stella LyraStellaT SperoYes0.803422121
9127Muddy MaryJaguar 21F PargeterNo0.799422121
9135Aqua SulaWesterly Storm 33R WhiteYes0.932422121
9659MadrigalMaxi 1000R & F ThomasNo0.941422121
93823French MistressBeneteau First 285M.HeadNo0.829422121
98452SkybirdMGC27V PriorYes0.975422121
98959PrevalenceBeneteau 285A PayneNo0.910422121
99977TearawayMGC27R HolroydNo0.986422121
9A1Seahawk IIHanse 311A & J StebbingNo0.926422121
9A2StargazerMoody 31M Daniels & D StonesNo0.833422121
9A3CarminaDufour 34J.&A.CookYes0.958422121
9W18Black AdderWest SolentR & S TaylorNo1.018422121

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Mersea White Sail 2014 LH

Entries: 25      Races Sailed: 2

Series PlaceSail NoBoatType of BoatOwnerHandicapSeries PointsRace 1Race 2
14292Starfall 2Sigma 33P.J.Clifton962321
25991RaggertyBeneteau F29A Jones1004532
31044WaterlilyHanse 370J & P French890716
43130RendezvousHanse 33M.J.Berry1030945
57135VrenyStellaG Dunn11401257
61849Symbol of LleynNorthney 34P Pangbourne110029263
77401HanneloreBavaria 34D Curtis100030264
8535StarlightSadler 34I Brown102032626
944Black DiamondYW DiamondG Dunn1005522626
975Stella LyraStellaT Spero1140522626
975ALa Vie en RoseStellaP Haldane1140522626
9127Muddy MaryJaguar 21F Pargeter1110522626
9154Naiad of ArneScanmar 35F Pargeter1000522626
9659MadrigalMaxi 1000R & F Thomas970522626
91442ZonneringSun Odessey 36iC & M Clarke956522626
93823French MistressBeneteau 285M.Head1040522626
97461HartleyHartegen ODJ Kearin1025522626
98452SkybirdMGC27V Prior998522626
98959PrevalenceBeneteau 285A Payne1040522626
99088Paul IIGibsea 77M Edwards1055522626
99977TearawayMGC27R Holroyd998522626
9A1Seahawk IIHanse 311A & J Stebbing1015522626
9A2StargazerMoody 31M Daniels & D Stones1060522626
9A3CarminaDufiur 34J.&A.Cook958522626
9W18Black AdderWest SolentR & S Taylor1002522626

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