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Sunset Series Results 2016

Sunset Series 2016 Slow

Entries: 33      Races Sailed: 7      Discard: 3

Provisional Results

Series PlaceSail NoBoatType of BoatOwnerHandicapSeries PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
16252RS Feva XLRS Feva XLL Aird-Brown123552131541
2208896Laser 4.7Laser 4.7J Brosnan-Wren1195512342112
3177914Laser 4.7Laser 4.7C Dix11951263104324
428687TopperTopperB Milgate13411854796312
544605TopperTopperT Williams1341201354534615
6152494Laset 4.7Laser 4.7M Davenport11952148346756
71582RS FevaRS FevaW Rogers1235221179334343
8146161Laser 4.7Laser 4.7J Barnes1195243348344934
91114RS FevaRs FevaE Sanderson123529961181187
1047355TopperTopperJ Hayhurst13413034345108710
11177960Laser 4.7Laser 4.7A Harris11953183434342129
12447RS Tera ProRS Tera ProT Woodcraft135135149634101034
13627RS FevaRS FevaB Fleetwood123536151113119115
145032RS FevaRS FevaM Yeates1235411210127123413
1545620TopperTopperL Newman13415173423434348
161168Topaz Uno RaceTopaz Uno RaceA Gilbert1251581034134133434
1745397TopperTopperO Davenport13419234343434341311
181Laser 4.7Laser 4.7Z Milgate119511634343434343414
192PicoPicoG Catchpole133013634343434343434
193PicoPicoJ Sydenham133013634343434343434
19983RS Tera sportRS Tera sportC Brown145713634343434343434
1921880TopperTopperD Pittock134113634343434343434
1928684TopperTopperR Barnes134113634343434343434
1930608TopperTopperM Jacobs134113634343434343434
1932508TopperTopperC Jacobs134113634343434343434
1943709TopperTopperZ Chandler134113634343434343434
1945371TopperTopperT Taylor134113634343434343434
1945781TopperTopperD Bessey134113634343434343434
1946307TopperTopperR Bailey134113634343434343434
19150746Laser 4.7Laser 4.7C Dix119513634343434343434
19174762Laser 4.7Laser 4.7J Isaac119513634343434343434
19477301TopperTopperJ Purdie134113634343434343434

Wed 22 Jun 16 21:19

Sunset Series 2016 Fast

Entries: 13      Races Sailed: 4

Provisional Results

Series PlaceSail NoType of BoatOwnerHandicapSeries PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
2195986Laser radialF Rogers11361814112
3202458Laser RadialA Eckstein11362114223
4209087LaserH Eckstein1095431141414
5164781Laser RadialJ Tierney1136442141414
6182291Laser RadialR Watkins1136451414314
71108RS AeroC Pearce1107453141414
8302StratosB George10925614141414
82638CherubE Chandler10505614141414
8152657Laser RadialP Woodcraft11365614141414
8186374Laser RadialE Holroyd11365614141414
8188539Lasser RadialR Green11365614141414
8190860Laser RadialD Hill11365614141414

Wed 22 Jun 16 21:21

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